[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Fetty Wap – Tourin Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Hook: Khaos]X2
We came from nothing now we touring
D-wade cop me a baller and now we scoring
Get that foreign now it’s time to get excited
Jugging Rapping it don’t matter we lead that popping

[Verse 1: Khaos]
Came lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Fetty Wap – Tourin Lyrics download mp3 from nothing got a loss so started chords Fetty Wap – Tourin Lyrics lyrics jugging
All that money turned me African met some bad friends
Found my first love Imma love her till the end
Copped me a Maserati, hitting dough now watch me spend
Mobbing with the Zoo Gang, robbing till the end
Niggas think we finished but we just beginning
Getting millions takes some [?] make them listen
Getting millions takes some [?] make them listen

[Hook X 2]

[Verse 2: Stackzout]
Running through them checks now Im pouring
Only thing Spa ride is foreign
All my other hoes are foreign
Foreign after Foreign SKRT now we touring
17 pour it up with the thirty
Fuck around, I hit you with the thirty
You ain’t never seen a birdy, I ain’t worried
You ain’t never seen a birdy, I ain’t worried

[Hook X 2]

[Fetty Wap]
AY Its Zoovier

[Verse 3: Fetty Wap]
Number One iTunes I get that fucking check
My niggas Stackz out, don’t play no disrespect
My niggas KHAOS will bring it to your neck
Its zoo gang and nine bitch thats what I rep
1738, bitch I’m scoring nigga
I might pull up in a mother fucking foreign, nigga
And I just bought my bitch a new benz
And I just bought my mother a new beemer truck
Bet you KHAOS and StackZOUT ride it to the end
No new niggas, don’t believe in friends
If you run up I hit you up with the [?]
I love my forty but I keep at cord kord chord Fetty Wap – Tourin Lyrics kunci gitar the [?]
They call me zoovier bitch they know I fucking run it
You run up on the zoo you know my niggas gunning
KHAOS and STACKZOUT ride out till the end
Zoogang, 17 baby thats the king

1738 ! Man Fuck these niggas
They call me fucking zoovier nigga
KHAOS STACKOUTZ on these mother fucking niggas
Check that mother fucking Stacks