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[Chorus: Morell]
That nigga in the hot track
I’ll be banging the clubs, I never stop that
Dropping hits, I’ll be bumping your speakers
And even your tom drum will seize non stop
I’m top nigga, never lay low
You see I’m all about the ego
I’ve got a lot of nigga on my payroll
Drop down motherfucker cause I say I so
Oh [x4]
See I’m all about the ego [x2]
I’m top nigga, never lay low
Drop down nigga cause I say so

[Ice Prince]
Okay, who the bomboclak wan test
I’m too big nigga, my file never compress
I’m blowing up the game homie no be bomb test
Blaka blaka, my brain is complex
Have a seat nigga
Welcome to my conference
I go hard baby girls wanna undress
I spit too much I feel like I’m tongueless
I’m in your face, like sunglass
J-Town Abariga
I’m killing you my nigga
I’m balling like oh year
Homie homie la liga
I’m losing my sense eh
Niggas see me janiki
Know that I’m a (hell) fire so me I’m loving the vanity
And you can tell me nothing
I’m so fly and the haters I’m deporting
They are no point guards so they’re never blocking
Bullets spitting at you and nigga I ain’t coughing


[Ice Prince]
See, we’re moving on to the next one
Making paper everyday these boys de be vexing
Niggas like chicks make noise when I’m entering
From J-Town to my niggas down in Boston
I’m shutting down the system, no XP
Bad guy I make pot-belly sexy
I’m dope like coke, no pepsi
And see even Malcolm can’t X me
Till I’m in the kitchen, I gotta get my apron
I measure lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Ice Prince - That Nigga lyrics download mp3 these rappers, I always got my tapes on
See I flow so greedy Ima put the apes on
I’m watching these hoes down, something like a page chords Ice Prince - That Nigga lyrics lyrics four
Flier than heathrow
Easy like a free throw
Hate me and my finger pop, no whitlow
Me I never spit slow
Treat me like a big bro
Diss me in the booth I consider that a cheap blow


They cord kord chord Ice Prince - That Nigga lyrics kunci gitar be ripping on my flow, now I’m here to jack the ripper
You kids better sign a just in, beiber
Even with the Jesus this my flow remains evil
Picturs make you slide your head off, devil
Sippin on nuevo
Still the the boss like hugo
Make them clone on my lambo like Q Jones
Yes I’m the best I’m not contesting these negroes
I’ve seen so much money now the banks call me hero

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